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September 25, 2011

Reflections of the reflections of my Morning walk

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I got up as usual morning 5.15 and started for my walk with the usual Gayathri,Thryambagam, etc on my lips and reached the place where many people come for morning walk, not very bright and Sun was about to come up , chill as usual at this time in Coimbatore, a blessing for Coimbatoreans.
Then four or five people , a group walked past me and I overheard their talk, one of them was telling to his other friends, ‘ He could not have become such a great personality without the grace of God and Goddess , though he is super brilliant since I knew him , both were batch mates in Chartered Accountancy and practicing simultaneously…. He was born in a small village , Urumandampalayam near Coimbatore and now All Indian President of the Chapter of Professionals……. my God though his personal development and dedication to his profession…… He has full grace of Goddess Saraswathy’ And they passed me and went away ten feet ahead of me.
My mind started ruminating on the sentences they spoke and scanning my books and examples in my mind, like a super computer and memories flooding into the bowel of thoughts like a torrential rain and since I was walking more than an hour every day , I never stopped my thoughts since it is also a meditation like Osho says ‘Meditation in a market place’ and J.K says ‘totality of becoming the observer and observed one……. and that happens which you may call that, power, God or any symbol your mind or some one taught you’ ha ha ha, let me come the main core of my thinking.
Spiritual workings in human life……. this is what my mind was observing in my thoughts.
Osho in one of books, name of which I do not remember now, says ‘ the poet , this word in English does not match correctly the word ‘Kavi’ of Sanskrit and our sages who created Mahabharatha and Ramayana are not poets, they are Kavis, whose work can not be matched by some one who is a poet; for instance Arunagirinathar, the Tamil Saint, who with the blessings of Lord Muruga, sang the great work ‘Thirupugazh’ whose rhyme and metrics can’t be matched by any other Tamil work, since spiritual working though Arunagirinathar.
We had a recent marriage in our home, my nephew marriage , when I happened to meet one Engineer and his wife , an ardent devotee of Shirdi Baba, who during the conversation mentioned one of the recent happenings in his life, though many such things happened to him in his life by the grace of Shirdi Sai.
He said ‘ recently as a routine to all the overseas countries, I was working on a project off shore in middle east before flying down to attend the marriage here… one technical aspect was not working out in the project despite being a leader of the team of more than 20 engineers, and I decided at last I would try with the same technique and formula, but different help …. I started chanting sairam, sairam while working and applied the same technique and lo and behold…….. every thing became fine and going through…… all my colleagues asked me then.. sir what is that formula you were telling yourself and working simultaneously.. what to say my collegues……. formula is one and only one SAIRAM……..’ And he was laughing loudly in our visitors’ hall and got a flight to pune to visit Shirdi with his wife.
My brother’s brothers in law are maestros in their chosen fields whose names I am not using here….. but all are Parthy Sai devotees, one of them is a cardiac surgeon in one of the top hospitals in U.S and he used to come India every year and conduct surgeries in Puttaparthy Hospital for service.Swami calls him by his pet name and blessed him always , and he would not leave Puttaparthy unless Swami gives him permission to leave for U.S back. On one such occasions, he came down to India and discussing a complex cardiac operation with his fellow Docs and went in with his team and finished the surgery successfully…… after some time he took bath and went to see Swami…….. Swami smiled at him and called him near…….Swami said ‘ what serious discussion [his name used by Swami] ha ha .. why worry when I do operation inside the theater…’ Doc said ‘ Oh Swami, I realize ‘
Then Baba asked ‘ what happened your chain with dollar ?’
Doc touched his neck and found the chain was not there and worried a bit since that chain and Swami dollar was created by Swami and Swami personally put it around his neck, for Swami said ‘ Don’t worry…… when you were in a hurry to see me you missed……’ and Swami created a chain and gave it to him , Doc wore it around his neck, but Swami said’ oh this is without dollar ok give it ‘ and Doc removed from his neck and gave back to Baba , Baba created the chain again with Dollar with his figure and gave back which he still wears in U.S.
But once he had a cardiac problem which needed surgery and his colleagues took all the tests and said they would do the surgery , for he said he would go to Swami and have his darshan and come back to surgery. He came to Puttaparthy and had the darshan of swami and asked the permission of Swami to leave for U.S , he did not inform Swami what problem he had, neither Swami asked anything …….. when about to leave Swami touched him near chest and went inside.
Doc came back to U.S and took tests again since almost 10 days gone during his visit to India; My Swami the results show he was alright completely……… both the reports he keeps with himself……. his colleagues did not know what to say. Spiritual working among us , another example.
To be continued……….


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